Artist Statement

John Worley explores the social and political phenomena that have emerged as a result of being consumed by high speed electronic media.  By selecting and juxtaposing specific images gathered from the constant stream of media, John begins a dialogue through the same memetic processes that dominate the internet.  Visual language of popular and unpopular culture is carefully selected, so as to illicit a response of familiarity from the viewer.  To further reference the source and apparatus of which these images originate, visual artifacts such as glitches, static, and scan lines create a maelstrom of corruption that is associated with various methods of broadcast.  Illusionary space is forsaken in favor of the flattened nature of the monitor screen, which is reproduced through the physical act of painting.  Compositions are made digitally and projected onto the painting surface, and then transparent layers of watercolor paint is carefully applied to mimic the crisp nature of graphic design or the systematically arranged pixels of the computer screen.